The Congrés BIT is the space to learn about trends, innovations and business projects around the bioeconomy.

The challenges

The challenges of the Bioeconomy Strategy in Catalonia will require new knowledge and systems that transform the agri-food, forestry, fishing and the rural world as a whole in order to respond to these needs.

The Congrés BIT aims to strengthen our ecosystem of companies, technology and research centers, entrepreneurs and start-ups and enhance the transformative capacity and improvement of these sectors.

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Bioproducts as a basis for the circular economy

Nutrient recovery, biofertilizer production, custom fertilizers, biostimulants and organic fertilizers for organic farming, etc.

Zero Residues: recovery of biowaste to produce value-added products.

Valorization of ligno-cellulosic waste.

Obtaining energy based on biological products

Bioenergy production from biomass, by-products, agri-food and livestock waste and other biowaste (urban, sludge, etc.)

Ecosystem services generated by the activity of the first sector

Ecosystem services and nature-based solutions

Sustainable agri-food systems


Visualize initiatives for the sustainable production of food, energy, fertilizers, ... and other, more efficient and respectful products.


Bringing new economic activities closer to the traditional sector.


Facilitate the transition from the agri-food, forestry and maritime sectors to the circular bioeconomy.

Missed the presentation of the BIT 2022 Congress as well as the presentation of the Bioeconomy Strategy of Catalonia EBC2030?

Earlier, on March 24, the Congrès BIT 2022 Presentation Day was held to introduce the Congrés. Take a look.

Presentation on October 1 in Lleida.

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